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Yamaha player grand piano near Miami, FL.

Top Picks Are Now Available in Fort Lauderdale!

Did you know that you can get a brand new baby grand piano for just $7888 from the world's largest piano manufacturer?  This and other favorites are now available at Nick's new location in Fort Lauderdale.  Previously, the piano selections listed below were not available to see in SE Florida.  Clients would drive to Bonita Springs and found it well worth the trip.  Now, Nick brings these outstanding pianos to his SE Florida clients in a convenient location in Fort Lauderdale just off I-95:

Black baby grand piano for sale near Miami, Florida.

1)  Baby grands from the world's largest piano manufacturer.  The Ritmuller 4'11" and 5'3" baby grands are outstanding! includes the smallest Ritmuller grand on their list of staff picks for musical standout and good value, and adds the comment:  "Amazingly good performance for such a small piano".  These are from the same manufacturer that Steinway uses to build their Essex brand, but the Ritmullers have more premium features for a much lower price!  (Ritmuller demo is the 3rd video shown below.)

Player grand piano in Fort Lauderdale near Miami, FL.

2)  Medium and larger grands such as the outstanding Brodmann 6'2" which is almost always singled out for praise.  Also a staff pick choice at for musical standout and good value, the 6'2" Brodmann PE-187 is a piano that can delight the most discriminating pianist for a bargain price!  Also available at the Fort Lauderdale location are the 5'9" and 7' Brodmann grands.  The tone, touch, and looks of the Brodmann grand pianos are phenomenal and can only be compared to pianos that are far more expensive!  Come and see for yourself.  (Brodmann 6'2" model PE-187 with PianoDisc high resolution player system shown in 2nd video below.) 


3)   White baby grands:  One of the most popular choices in SE Florida for a significant savings!  If you are interested in a white grand, your price is now LESS THAN 50% of what the competition charges for a white grand made by the same manufacturer!  This is a significant saving for SE Florida piano buyers who choose white as their 2nd most popular finish.

Black digital piano in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

4)  Digital pianos by Kawai - truly outstanding for their realism in touch and tone!  There is no other brand of digital piano that can produce such a superb experience for the player as Kawai.  New models CN-29 and CN-39 are in stock with your choice of 3 finishes and we match the lowest available online price.  These models are featured in the following video: 

Kawai Digital Pianos CN-29 and CN-39 Demo.  Now Available in 3 Finishes!

Brodmann Player Grand Plays Smooth Jazz by Brian Culbertson.  Featuring the PianoDisc High Resolution Player System.

Hear the bell-like clarity and sustain of this best selling 5'3" Ritmuller grand.  Piano expert Larry Fine has called the transformation of the Ritmuller pianos one of the most authentic and musically successful changes in the piano industry!

Brodmann PE187 grand piano in Fort Lauderdale Florida based on the Steinway grand piano model A.

Brodmann 6'2" Model PE-187 is one of the Pianobuyer Staff Picks for Musical Standout and Value:    

Brodmann 5'9" at Nick's Piano Showroom near Naples

The Looks, Sound, and Touch of the Brodmann Pianos Can Only Be Compared to Pianos That Cost Significantly More!

White baby grand piano in Fort Lauderdale  that costs almost 50% less than the competition charges.

White Baby Grands from the world's largest piano manufacturer who also makes the Essex for Steinway.  The same white finish applied to the Essex results in a price nearly twice the discounted price of a Ritmuller, while the Ritmuller has been singled out for being one of the most significant moves forward in the piano industry!  The discrepancy in pricing for a white Essex which can be confirmed by checking the prices at was actually brought to my attention by a client from Miami.

Nick's Piano Showroom of Fort Lauderdale location outside building photo.

Now Available in Fort Lauderdale by Appointment:

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