About Nick's Piano Showroom


Getting Started:

Nick began his career as a Piano Technician in 1986 after also completing ten years of classical piano study.  After gaining experience tuning and preparing pianos for concert artists he qualified for membership in the Master Piano Technicians of America in 1992.  Being in the classification of 'only by ear' tuner has enabled him to develop excellent voicing skills for the most consistent preparation benefiting all of the pianos he services.

Nick's first piano showroom served the Tampa Bay area for 12 years beginning in 1993.  In 2005, an opportunity to purchase a facility along I-75 to serve Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Naples presented itself.  This also made it possible to develop a business model which drastically reduced the high operating expense of retail piano stores, thereby allowing customers to obtain fine pianos at substantial savings, and still enjoy a high level of personal service.  The location serving Tampa was sold to Dave's Piano Showroom.

Recent Developments:

Nick's business model was embraced by piano buyers from Fort Myers & Naples who would drive an hour or more to the Venice facility.  Increasing sales made possible the purchase of a new location in Bonita Springs, FL between Fort Myers and Naples in 2011, which also served as a destination for clients from Orlando, Tampa, and Sarasota.  Nick has been established in Florida longer than any other piano dealer in Naples & Fort Myers and owns his location while also having the lowest overhead, and therefore can guarantee the lowest prices on some of the finest quality pianos!  In 2012 it was decided that the majority of Nick's customers would be served from the location in Bonita Springs, FL where Nick also resides.  The Venice location has been retained for warehouse space.  In 2020 it was determined that the under served market of Broward and surrounding counties would benefit from a satellite showroom which was opened in Fort Lauderdale.


A Message From the Owner:

Having helped thousands of satisfied customers over the years, I can also help you to find the piano of your dreams! Since I am a pianist and piano technician, you will experience a different shopping experience that will make you more informed, and thoroughly delighted.  Buying a piano should be a wonderful experience but is sometimes confusing.  I always advise my customers to take the time to learn something about pianos - what differences there are and how to compare and evaluate them without making prior assumptions.  I am also pleased to answer all of your piano questions.

A knowledgeable customer is more likely to choose an instrument that is right for their purposes and be pleased with their choice for the long term.  I enjoy taking the time to explain piano design and construction, and to show how it bears on the sound and feel of a piano as well as on its longevity.  After all, a piano is likely to be a part of your life and your home for a long time so I consider it to be my responsibility to help you find the piano that is right for you.

Finally, although a piano may be a once in a lifetime purchase, I have found in over 25 years of business that it can be the start of a relationship that lasts years, even decades with my customers.  It is very rewarding to see how the piano enriches the lives of my customers long term.  Whatever my involvement before, during, and after the sale - even for customers I may not actually meet - I will make sure to add lasting value to your selection through proper preparation and ongoing service, to ensure your complete satisfaction for many years.  This is what I value the most.