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Mason & Hamlin:  The only piano ever considered to have exceeded the Steinway in lush, singing, American piano sound.

Estonia:  A 100% European hand made piano rated among the world's best pianos including Steinway NY by Pianobuyer.

You can research them at, the most definitive buying guide available containing ratings, reviews, and pricing for any brand.  Please reference the following chart from to see a list of top quality brands and note the Mason & Hamlin and Estonia piano's high ranking - same as Steinway & Sons New York in Group 2:

Highest Quality
Verticals: $17,000–$47,000
Grands 5' to 7': $52,000–$103,000
High Quality
Verticals: $13,000–$34,000
Grands 5' to 7': $29,000–$85,000
Good Quality
Verticals: $9,300–$21,000
Grands 5' to 7': $31,000–$61,000
C. Bechstein 
Steingraeber & Söhne
Steinway & Sons (Hamburg)
Bechstein (Academy)
Feurich (Germany)*
August Förster
Shigeru Kawai
Mason & Hamlin
Schimmel (Konzert)
Seiler (Germany)
Steinway & Sons (New York)
Yamaha (CF)
Schimmel (Classic)
Schulze Pollmann
Wilh. Steinberg (IQ)
Charles R. Walter (seen in Group 2 High Quality Performance Pianos)

You can read a complete review for each brand at


Mason & Hamlin:

"The tone of Mason & Hamlin pianos is typically American -- lush, singing, and powerful, not unlike the Steinway in basic character, but with an even more powerful bass and a clearer treble."   -- Piano Buyer, Fall 2011 page 174

"Closely resembling the Hamburg Steinway in both sound and touch, the Estonia combines, in one instrument, some of the best qualities of the great American pianos with those of the high-end Europeans.  Its rich, full-bodied, and three-dimensional sound is American-like, whereas its purity and clarity are European-like.  Its most distinguishing feature is its wonderfully sustaining, lyrical tone.  More than anything else, it is this quality of tone that defines the Estonia piano and gives it its own special place in the high-end market."  -- Piano Buyer, Fall 2009 page 75

For substantially less than the cost of a new Steinway and with higher quality features, you can own a 100% European or American hand-made performance grade grand piano - a true masterpiece of heirloom quality.  You will notice an immediate difference upon inspection!  Fantastic quality control in all cosmetic details and rock solid contruction.  These pianos have a very special feel and sound quality not found in most pianos and certainly no others in their price range which is just slightly more than a mass produced Yamaha, Kawai, or Boston.  Incredibly, the Estonia pianos are in the same price range as Steinway's Boston piano which is made in Japan by Kawai.  Yet the Estonia pianos closely resemble the Hamburg (highest quality not sold in the US) Steinway in tone and touch and are easily comparable to pianos double their price - seriously!  Estonia pianos have complete Renner actions made in Germany which are also used in other highest quality pianos.

The piano shown below is the Estonia Model 190 (6'3") Grand Hidden Beauty in Ebony Polish with Bubinga trim.  Please call Nick for pricing at 941-485-1820, since my prices are too low for manufacturer's permission to advertise, and this is internet policy in the piano business.

Estonia Video:


Follow this link to hear performance recordings:

These are verifiably the highest quality new pianos in Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myers, or Naples for the price offered.

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